Hands on Office Hysteroscopy Workshop: 4th and 5th May 2013: A Report

May 4-5, 2013

A hands on office hysteroscopy workshop was held at Bansal Hospital, New Delhi on the 4th and 5th of May, 2013, organized by Manchanda’s Endoscopic Center. The workshop was held over 2 days and was attended by 17 participants from all over India. Eminent faculty from various fields including specialists in gynaecological endoscopy, reproductive medicine, gynaecological ultrasound and pathology participated. The first day consisted of live operative hysteroscopic surgeries wherein each participant received hands on training. Different pathologies encountered included intrauterine polyps, Ashermann’s syndrome, subseptate uterus etc. This session was webcast live. This was the first live webcast of a hysteroscopy workshop ever to be done and the webcast was viewed by doctors from India and all over the world. Lectures on hysteroscopy were also taken by various faculties. This was followed by a round table discussion of common controversies related to hysteroscopy.

The 2nd day included lectures by renowned faculty and following this was the endotraining session which included Instrument handling, hysteroscopic removal of foreign body, hysteroscopic polpectomy and hysteroscopic resection of polyps. The workshop ended with a quiz and the winner, Dr. Parul Arora from Agra received a book on gynaecological endoscopy.

Certificates to all the participants were distributed by Dr. Sanjeev Bansal and Dr. Sandhya Bansal.

  • Dr. Sangeeta Jain
  • Dr. Mukesh Kumar
  • Dr. Rinkesh
  • Dr. Dolly Gupta
  • Dr. Vidhu Modgil
  • Dr. Sandeep Cheema Sohi
  • Dr. Surinder Gambhir
  • Dr. Beena Muktesh
  • Dr. Anuradha Khurana
  • Dr. Geeta Jain
  • Dr. Parul Arora
  • Dr. Seema Madan
  • Dr. Zeenie Girn
  • Dr. Deepa Kapoor
  • Dr. Mamta Chahar
  • Dr. Rajesh Tile
  • Dr. Raina Chawla
  • Prabha Manchanda, Delhi
  • Priya Bhave, Indore
  • Rahul Manchanda. Delhi
  • Usha Modi, Delhi
  • Manu Noatay. Delhi
  • Anoop Gupta. Delhi
  • Varun Duggal, Delhi
  • Ajay Kapoor. Delhi
  • Manoj Singh, Delhi
Comments from the participants:
  • Informative and excellent training session by all the faculty
  • Very good practical tips on hysteroscopy
  • Very good training sessions
  • Very good hospitality
  • Would recommend other doctors for the same
  • Perfect training with satisfactory hands on
  • Great team!!
  • Should organize more similar workshops on laparoscopy too
  • Everything so nicely arranged; no words to thank Dr Rahul and his team. Well done sir!! Keep it up!!
  • It was a nice experience to attend such a nice workshop. It was well organized. I would like to attend more workshops like this. Thanks to all the organizing members of the workshop
  • It is a nice experience and I now have the confidence to do better hysteroscopies
  • Well organized
  • Program well coordinated
  • Duration of lab training sessions can be increased
  • Very coordinated and planned. We should be attending more conferences in future
  • Excellent workshop as it made me to believe that I will be able to do endoscopy, especially hysteroscopy
  • Enjoyable and light sessions
  • Good discussion
  • Good hands on work
  • Excellent teaching by Dr. Rahul with emphasis on finer details not found in textbooks
  • Wonderful practical sessions
Webcast Comments
  • Dear Dr. Manchanda, It is great watching you operate live & webcast the same. I am enjoying it! Warm regards, Basant Kaul (Delhi)
  • I was going through my facebook and suddenly i catch this event. Thanks a lot. This sort of events help us to exchange our views and enrich our knowledge.(Bangladesh)
  • Saw it. Wonderful (Manipal)
  • Real treat to watch. Thanks for sharing! (Rajkot)
  • Excellent surgeries very informative and useful presentation (Delhi)