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What You Need To Know About The Clinic

25+ years Experience
10000+ Surgeries
500+ People Trained
300+ Conferences & Talks

What people Say about Dr. Rahul Manchanda

Conversations between the doctor and patient was so good that I can freely share my problems with him.

Sneh Priya Roy

Dr Rahul Manchanda is really a very good doctor as a professional and a human being. We liked the way he explained the problems and treated it well.

Preeti Sharma

We are very much satisfied for the excellent medical treatment and diagnosis.

Shabari Sarkar Das

Dr. Rahul Manchanda is very Nice Human being, His concern about the patient is noticable

Md Imtiyaj Ahmad

Very Good Enaggement with patient and all Hospital Services

Anirban Ghose


Humbled to be awarded “Honours for Professional Excellence “ by Indian medical association- South Delhi Branch

Award for Youngest Girl to Undergo Fibroid Surgery

Award from India Book of Records

Award for Incredible Surgical Operation in History

FAMA 12 Nov 2021

ASIA - GCC Award for Excellence & Leadership

World Records India - Youngest Girl to Undergo Fibroid Surgery

World Records India - Youngest Girl to Undergo Fibroid Surgery

Certificate for Incredible Surgical Operation in History

Books Published
Upcoming Events

Recent Workshops by Dr. Rahul Manchanda

Honoured to be part of the first ever Hungarian Hysteroscopy Congress and represent my country . To be operating faculty for live workshop at the University of Debrecen hospital Hungary. It was worth the wait to officially release our book on Intrauterine adhesions by Springer Nature , the first to be published on this topic . And to be joined by all the authors worldwide . Couldn’t have asked for a better platform and occasion . Humbled to have the father of modern hysteroscopy present along with the two chairs of the global congress and all the stalwarts in the field from all over the world .
Thank you Peter Torok my friend for organising such a unique congress with wonderful fellowship.
To top it all received a wonderful email from the past president and Medical director of the AAGL and one of the greats of hysteroscopy Professor Franklin Loffer .
Missed mum ….
Now back to work again to keep doing what she taught me the best I can and I know !
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Fresh from the press - our 3rd publication on robotics and first of 2023.

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Happy new year to everyone
God bless
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Our last Gynae check up camp for 2022 .
Along with the rotary club and PHD Chambers of commerce at the PHD chambers of commerce skill outreach center

We saw 150 patients ( we stopped registration at 150)

We did 15 free mammograms .

We distributed sanitary pads for the ladies also .

Some glimpses .
Thank you Dr.Kohli , Dr. Anju Wali , the admin , staff , nurses and all in the team and Mrs. Anuradha Goel and Sangita Das ji of PHD.
Merry Christmas everyone!
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Happy to share our last live physical training workshop for 2022

1) It was in advanced hysteroscopy procedures and ROBOTIC SURGERY in Gynaecology from 14-21st December

2) We operated on 16 patients

3) We had a group of 6 doctors visiting for it from Dhaka , Bangladesh

4) It was the FIRST LIVE workshop in Gynaecology in robotics on the CMR robot in delhi

5) Each was taught independently Hysteroscopic morcellation and mini bipolar resection.

I thank my team for all the help and support.
Also Dr. Vaneeta Kapur, Dr. Col Pant, Dr. Jiten , Dr. Seema Wadhwa Bajaj for their help and support.
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Society of Critical Care Medicine's
Course in Fundamentals of critical care in obstetrics held at PSRI 19-30 November 2022. Thank you @Dr. Simant Jha .
Wonderfully organised and executed. Thank you for this honour.
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@MsRiyaMukherjee @manchandaendo बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपका और Dr manchanda का इतनी महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी देने के लिए।।आपने बिलकुल सही कहा जैसे पेट दर्द और बुखार है वैसे ही periods भी फिर झिझक क्यूं बताने में और periods में pain को लेकर जो Dr साहब ने समझाया कि checkup कराना जरूरी हैं ना की painkiller देना।।

@MsRiyaMukherjee @manchandaendo बहुत कुछ आपने और Dr manchanda ने clear किया cancer और ट्यूमर का फ़र्क ,PCOS ये episode कमाल था सुनने और समझने को बहुत कुछ मिला।।एक बार फिर धन्यवाद आपका और Dr manchanda का तहे दिल से शुक्रिया।।🌹

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