Day Care Hysterectomy

November 11, 2010

Mrs. X, a 40 year old lady with an enlarged uterus (14-16weeks size)due to multiple fibroids underwent a total laparoscopic (Minimally Invasive) hysterectomy on 11/6/2010. She had previously undergone 4 surgeries which included two caesarian sections. Department of Gynecological Endoscopy team at Batra hospital undertook the surgery and the patient was discharged the next day in the morning after 24 hrs of surgery in excellent condition.

There was minimal blood loss and patient did not require any blood transfusions despite having multiple fibroids and multiple previous surgeries. Advantages of this surgery vis a vis traditional surgery is the fact that patients recover much faster , hospital stay is reduced drastically, precision of surgery increases, blood loss and hence transfusions are not required and cosmetically there are NO large incisions and scars.

Batra Hospital now boasts of a new Department Of Gynecological Endoscopy with specialized doctors trained in this form of surgery, with the latest hi-Tech minimally invasive imported surgical equipment. The above surgery was done by Dr. Rahul Manchanda and Dr. Usha Srivastava and their team. All gynecological surgeries are being done by this technique which is much nicer for the patient as it cuts down costs and the patient can get back to her normal activities much sooner. Training of doctors is also undertaken in this field by the departments’ consultants.