Robotic hysterectomy done in north india with advanced ergonomic Versius Robot .



Good morning doctor Rahul. The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But caring doctors like you make it friendly and pleasing.This is a certificate which certifies that apart from being a qualified surgeon, you have the following skills – Good Listener, Lots of Patience and Caring Attitude.Until now I associated the word Surgery with Misery. After being under the careful watch of a doctor like you and the staff of PSRI I associate Surgery with Healthy Recovery.While most doctors are busy figuring out how to cope up with their own professional stress, few good doctors like you have already figured out how to help patients to cope up with the stress of illness. Thanks doctor, for helping me get back on track with life. From day one You have been much more to me than just a doctor. You have been my therapist, supporter, friend, well wisher and angel in disguise.Your comforting words of support gave me much more reassurance than the antibiotics I was taking during my recovery.Your medicines may have cured my illness but your kind words gave me the inner strength to fight it away. A big thank you to PSRI management, the ICU staff and above all you doctor. God bless
I am camera shy, that is why I am writing this to you.

Today because of you I am traveling to Canada, just after two months of robotic hysterectomy