TB another presentation

May 8, 2012

60 Year postmenopausal old lady with c/o pain abdomen and came in with distension and ascietes ,
mild. Lap chole was done around 6 months ago, unremarkable then.

Ultrasound done now shows ascietes with abdominal LNpathy. Examination showed inguinal, axillary
and cervical LN pathy. Uterine cavity had fluid and irregular collection with endometrium around

Axillary biopsy with hysteroscopy biopsy was done on 8th of May 2012.

Hysteroscopy done:

Cervical canal was closed, opened with scissor; there was a lot of dirty fluid in cavity, very obvious
storm appearance. For those who have not seen this is what TB endometritis appears like. Axillary
biopsy and endometrial biopsy showed granulomas and TB.