Managing Menopause and Beyond- An interactive session on Womens Health

July 5, 2011

Managing Menopause and Beyond- An interactive session on Womens Health, 5th July 2011, 6.30pm-8pm. at India International Centre, New Delhi.


  • Rahul Manchanda, Gynae Endoscopic Surgeon
  • Bharat Agarwal, Radiologist
  • Rahul Murada, Psychiatrist

Dr. Manchanda,Gynae Endoscopic Surgeon, will talk about the issues of menopause, like bone loss, hormonal changes and manifestations, abnormal bleeding, hysterectomy, and the practical aspects of it, trying to answer and remove all doubts regarding the member’s personal health issues by trying to incorporate it in the talk and during the interactive session.

Dr. Agarwal a senior radiologist with the Diwan Chand Agarwal centre at Kasturba Gandhi marg, will talk about the Mammogram, the ultrasound , the bone densitometry scan and investigations which are preventive in women as such stressing more on the practical aspects as when , how frequently , side effects etc. again clearing specific problem and doubts during the interactive session.

Dr. Rahul Murada a senior Psychiatrist associated with the Sitaram bharatia institute and other prominent hospitals will talk about the various social aspects and mental aspects of aging and how to recognize and deal with them. The risks and the management thereof of various more commonly found and prevalent problems.