Interesting Cases

November 27, 2011

Relook of the case

A 40year old lady with secondary infertility. Previous vaginal delivery must have been traumatic as when I did the pre-ivf hysteroscopy saw a second-degree perineal tear and cervical tear. Failed ivf once. With decreased menses (flow) and now menstruating only on medication given by IVF specialist.

Ultrasound showed endometrium not growing more than 6-7mm on follicular monitoring despite heavy doses of medication by IVF specialist.

We did a hysteroscopy and found tubular cavity with grade 2 ashermans.

Using a office hysteroscope reformed the cavity. Put her on hormones and will repeat hysteroscopy to see how the new cavity has held up after next period. So far result of surgery is encouraging.

Will post follow up video once we do the repeat next month.


Did three hysteroscopies on the same day (27/11/2011) all pre-ivf , 2 were T-shaped/ I-shaped. One we used resectoscope, and in one scissor.