Hysteroscopy to rule out CANCER

nMrs. “X” This young lady, all of 75 years in age, went for a routine ultrasound examination on which the uterine cavity showed some fluid in the uterine cavity. She is a diabetic on insulin therapy. She was advised a hysteroscopy examination which was done using an office hysteroscopy. The endometrium showed a growth on the posterior wall of size 2 x 2 cm. this was cut with scissors and removed and sent for HPE. Rest of the cavity had atrophic endometrium. HPE came out to be endometrial hyperplasia. The advantage of hysteroscopy is of a visualized procedure where missing pathology is reduced to the minimum. The Age old D&C is a blind procedure and should be discarded for the less traumatic and better hysteroscopy which is the gold standard now. Mrs. Soni is well and having ruled out more sinister apprehensions is doing very well.