Doctors at PSRI Multispeciality Hospital remove the tumor from the abdomen of 12 year old girl

June 19, 2019

healthysoch : Fibroids are tumors of the uterus that normally occur in the reproductive age group girls and mostly (80%) occur in ages 35-50 years. They are very rarely cancerous but can lead to destruction of the normal uterus and lead to heavy bleeding, pain, problems of urinary tract and intestines.  It also leads to early loss of pregnancy and if size is large then difficulty in conceiving.


They generally are caught when become large enough to cause symptoms especially those related to menses.They are generally not seen in girls less than 20 years and even more unheard in 12 years or less.


12 years old girl, still not started menses came with pain abdomen. She was seen by the Gynaecologist and all investigations done. The MRI and Ultrasound done showed a huge tumor behind the uterus of the size of 10.5cm.


A multi-speciality team of doctors  at PSRI Multi-speciality Hospital (including Gynaecological Endoscopic surgeon, physician, paediatrician, anaesthetist took care of her and she was taken up for surgery on 30/5/2019.


To the amazement of the doctors there was a large (10.5cm) tumor arising from the left cornua of the uterus and had twisted two and a half times on itself giving rise to the pain.


With the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgery this tumor was detached from the uterus and removed without large cuts and no blood loss. Specialized Anaesthesia was given considering the age of the patient.


This is very rare especially in this age group and has not been reported in literature till now. It can lead to destruction of the uterus and surrounding structures and hence the future of the girl.


The doctors were able to remove the tumor from the abdomen and saving the uterus just through minimally invasive techniques. She was discharged within 24 hours and is doing fine till now.


Dr Rahul Manchanda is well-experienced and super specialized in gynaecological endoscopy, he said,    ‘This is the first of its kind reported in the world in a 12-year-old girl who still has not started her menses.


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