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What is Gynae Endoscopy?

It is a matter of fact that today, all gynaecological problems can be diagnosed and treated through smaller cuts. Gynae Endoscopy is minimally invasive gynaecological surgery in women loosely referred to as keyhole/pinhole/laser surgery.

How is Gynae Endoscopy better than other surgeries:
  1. Less costly
  2. Lesser pain
  3. Reduced days of hospitalization
  4. No big scars/cosmetically batter
  5. Less bleeding (blood is generally not required)
  6. Daycare surgery
  7. Reduced risk of complications
When is it done and what are the problems that can be treated in this technique?
  1. Abnormal bleeding during periods, painful periods, heavy periods, less flow during periods and any menstrual problems
  2. Sterilization without cuts
  3. Patients who cannot bear children(infertility)
  4. Uterine Fibroids/Tumours
  5. Ovarian cysts and tumours
  6. Cancer in women
  7. Blocked fallopian tubes
  8. Ectopic Pregnancy

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